Past Members of the Communication Theory Research Group

Past Members of the Communication Theory Research Group

Professor Hyuncheol Park
Ph.D., Summer 1997
Coded Modulation and Equalization for Wireless Infrared Communications
Associate Professor
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
School of Engineering
P.O. Box 77
Yusong, Daejon City
305-600 Korea
Tel: +82-42-866-6702
Fax: +82-42-866-6110
Dr. Chen-Chu A. Yeh
Ph.D., Summer 1998
Minimum-Error-Probability Equalization and Multiuser Detection
Principal Electrical Engineer
R&D Department
Integrated Systems
L-3 Communications
10001 Jack Finney Blvd
Greenville, TX 75403
Tel: +1 (903) 457-7295
Dr. Richard T. Causey
Ph.D., Summer 1999
Blind Multiuser Detection Based on Second-Order Statistics
Scientific Atlanta
5030 Sugarloaf Parkway, Mail code 1.1.233
Lawrenceville, GA 30044
Tel: 770-236-7405
Fax: 770-236-7950
Dr. Anuj Batra
Ph.D., Spring 2000
Extensions of the Constant Modulus Algorithm and the Phase-Locked Loop for Blind Multiuser Detection
Member of Technical Staff
Communications Systems Laboratory
DSP R&D Center
Texas Instruments
12500 TI Blvd. MS 8649
Dallas, TX 75243
Tel: 214-480-4220
Fax: 972-761-6966
Professor Abdallah Said Al-Ahmari
Ph.D., Spring 2003
Turbo-Coded Pulse-Position Modulation for Optical Communications
Assistant Professsor
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Electrical Engineering Department
FUPM, P.O. Box 410
Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Renato da Rocha Lopes
Ph.D., Summer 2003
Iterative Estimation, Equalization and Decoding,
Assistant Professor, State University of Campinas
R. Albert Einstein, 400
Campinas, SP - Brazil 13083-970
Phone: + 55-19-3788-3835
Fax: + 55-19-3289-1395
Dr. Joon Hyun Sung
Ph.D., Summer 2004
Transmitter Strategies for Closed-Loop MIMO-OFDM,
Manager / Ph.D.
SK Telecom
R&D Strategy Team
T-Tower, 65 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-999, South Korea
Dr. Badri Varadarajan
Ph.D., Summer 2004
The Design of Linear Space-Time Codes for Quasistatic Flat-Fading Channels
Electrical Design Engineer
Texas Instruments
12500 TI Blvd, M.S. 8649
Dallas, TX, 75243
Tel: 214-480-4554
Fax: 972-761-6966
Dr. Aravind Nayak
(Co-advised with Steve Mclaughlin)
Ph.D., Summer 2004
Iterative Timing Recovery for Magnetic Recording Channels with Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio

System Architect
Agere Systems
1921, Corporate Center Circle, Unit 3A
Longmont, CO, 80504
Tel: 720 494 2316
Fax: 720 494 2400
Dr. Piya Kovintavewat
Ph.D., Fall 2004
Timing Recovery Based on Per-Survivor Processing
Assistant Professor
Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University
Mueang District, Nakhon Pathom 73000, Thailand
Tel: (+663) 426-1024 Ext. 1827
Fax: (+663) 426-1065
Dr. Elizabeth Chesnutt
Ph.D., Spring 2005
Novel Turbo Equalization Methods for the Magnetic Recording Channel
Senior Systems Engineer
Troy, Michigan
Dr. Deric W. Waters
Ph.D., December 2005
Signal Detection Strategies and Algorithms for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
Member of Technical Staff
Communications Systems Laboratory
DSP R&D Center
Texas Instruments
12500 TI Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75243
Dr. Jerome Vasseur
Ph.D., August 2006
A Multiwavelength Mode-Locked Fiber Laser
Microsoft Research
Redmond, WA
Dr. David Boivin
Ph.D., December 2006
Optical Phase-Modulated Systems: Numerical Estimation and Experimental Measurement of Phase Jitter
Draka Comteq
Ile de France, France
Dr. Arumugam Kannan
Ph.D., 2007
Communication Strategies for Single User and Multiuser Slow Fading Channels
Irvine, CA
Dr. David L. Milliner
Ph.D., 2009
Low-Complexity List Detection Algorithms for the Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channel
RKF Engineering
Washington, DC
Dr. Mohanned Sinnokrot
Ph.D., 2009
Space-Time Block Codes with Low Maximum-Likelihood Decoding Complexity
San Diego, CA
Dr. Thomas Detwiler
Ph.D., 2011
Continuous-Phase Modulation for High-Speed Fiber-Optic Links
Huntsville, AL
Dr. Sangwook Suh
Ph.D., 2011
Low-Power Discrete Fourier Transform and Soft-Decision Viterbi Decoder for OFDM Receivers
Samsung Electronics
Seoul, Korea
Dr. Luis Cortes-Pena
Ph.D., 2013
Optimizing Dense Wireless Networks of MIMO Links
Harris Corporation

Dr. Ubaid Fayyaz
Ph.D., 2014
Polar Code Design and Decoding for Magnetic Recording
Assistant Professor, University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Elnaz Banan Sadeghian
Ph.D., 2017
Synchronization and Detection for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording
Assistant Professor, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey

Additional Members

Antony Vielmon
M.S., Summer 2001
Transmit Diversity in Wireless Communications
8, rue Traversi?re
95000 Cergy-Pr?fecture
Tel: +33 1 34 25 54 54
Fax: +33 1 34 25 54 55
Faith Nilo
M. S., Summer 2003
Applied Signal Technology
400 West California Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Tel: 408-522-2968